Rocky Mountains / South Eastern Alberta

Waterton Lakes National Park Day Trip 2020

We head south to Waterton Lakes National Park for a day trip! We were camping nearby in Beaver Mines Lake in Castle Provincial Park. While in the park, we took in the views at the Waterton Marina, Cameron Falls, and did the recently opened drive out to Red Rock Canyon. It's been closed to vehicle traffic since the fire a few years ago, so it was great to see it again. As always, I had to grab some popcorn from Pat's General Store, it's so good! We also loved all the blooming wildflowers in the park too.

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Along the Red Rock Parkway there are ample spots to pull off for wildflower viewing, so I highly recommend doing so when in the park. A good alternative to Red Rock Canyon if it's too busy is Lost Horse Creek. While not as advertised as Red Rock, I found the experience wading up this creek comparable in fun to Red Rock Canyon when I did it in years past. It was also interesting to see the devastation the Kenow Wildfire caused this area, with the Crandell Mountain Campground completely gone.

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