Rocky Mountains

Kananaskis Winter Backcountry Camping

On a mild weathered week, I head out to Jewell Bay for a Kananaskis Backcountry Camping Trip in the winter. Starting from the Barrier Dam Day Use Area, I hike roughly 4 kilometers to Jewell Bay. I set up my tent there, seeing I'm completely alone. Also, I start a fire to keep warm. I use my Etekcity Mini Camp Stove to cook up some beef vegetable soup, and snack on sunflower seeds and sour jujubes. Luckily, when I go to sleep I'm not very cold because of my sleeping bag, rated for -7 weather (it only got down to +1). During the night I wake up to coyotes yowling, which freaked my out a bit.

As morning came, I cooked up more soup, and packed up my tent and gear. Soon after I start hiking back, with the trek taking me a half hour less then when I came. Hopefully you enjoyed watching my first backcountry experience of 2017, and my first time ever camping in the winter!

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