Hiking Guide to Troll Falls in Kananaskis

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The Troll Falls Hike

Kananaskis, Alberta

One of most rewarding short hikes in Kananaskis Country, Troll Falls can be done by most people of all ages. To get to the trail head, head into Kananaskis by going south of Highway #40. Follow the road for about 23 kilometers, and turn right towards the Kananaskis Village. You'll make your first right turn after that down a gravel/dirt road. Next, you'll come to the parking area for the many trails in the area. Walk to the trail head which is located on the left side of the clearing.


As you see above, this is the path to take to get to Troll Falls the fastest with only 1.2 kilometers to the falls. You'll notice right away how well groomed this trail is, it would be accessible for strollers as well. What's also nice is that at every intersection you come across, there's a map sign showing you where you are.


To get to the falls takes about 30-40 minutes depending on your pace, since the trail is relatively flat the entire way. Having done the trail a couple times in the last year I've taken around 25 minutes moving at a brisk pace to get there.


Once you pass the last trail intersection, you'll see a creek on your right, signalling that Troll Falls is near. Walk a couple hundred meters and the large waterfall can be seen. You can walk around the area by the falls, but be careful as the ground can be slippery because of the wet mist coming off Troll Falls.

troll falls

For most people the hike ends here and they head back the way they came, buy if you're more adventurous like I am you can continue up a pathway to the left of the falls that leads to a step ascent up to the top of the rock wall. I don't recommend people that are unfit or not wearing good hiking shoes attempt this next part. When you get to the top you'll be where the creek water starts falling to create Troll Falls and be graced with a great view. Continue down the trail to come to the creek where a few branches will be spread across the water. Cross here, and take your time if you need to because it's easy to slip.


Once you're across follow the creek upstream for a hundred meters or so to get a look at the first of what I deem "The Hidden Waterfalls". Double back a bit to find a steep trail that climbs upwards and continue op it. At the top hike upstream to come to the top of the first hidden waterfall.

troll falls

You'll see the trail goes past the first hidden falls, so move on when you feel like it. The second hidden waterfall is my favourite out of them all because you can behind it and get excellent photos.

troll falls

Head back the way you came to return to the parking lot. To recap, this is an excellent trail for those coming out to Kananaskis for the day from Calgary that want to have a unique experience in the mountains. Anytime I have a friend or family member that wants to check out Kananaskis for the first time I take them here. Also, it's probably on of the easiest hikes but also one of the most rewarding which is a rare combination. If you'd like to see a video of this hike, you watch one below.

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