Hiking Guide to the Point Campground in Kananaskis

Point Elevation
Rating 8.10
Difficulty Easy

The Point Backcountry Campground Hike

Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, Kananaskis, Alberta

The hike to the Point Backcountry Campground in the Peter Lougheed Provincial Park is a great hike to Kananaskis' best backcountry campground. I've done it myself a few times now, both on camping trips and just to take in the scenery. To start this hike turn off towards the Upper Kananaskis Lake in the Peter Lougheed Provincial Park and leave your vehicle at the North Interlakes Day Use area. The parking lot is located in between the upper and lower lakes. Also worth noting is that there's usually still a lot of snow in this area up until mid may, so plan accordingly.

Signs around the trail-head make it very clear where to go to get to Point. This trail also forks off to many other backcountry campgrounds, but today we'll just talk about Point. You'll start hiking along the north part of the Upper Kananaskis Lake, heading west.

The first 0.9 kilometersĀ of the hike is the easiest. It's a very flat trek through the forest, with not great views of the lake.

After completing the initial section, you'll come to a fork in the road. The left trail features some sections of up and down, and the right climbs a decent way. I've always taken the left trail, simply because it has better views of the lake when you hike. It really doesn't make a difference though, since both trails meet back up and are the same length (1.5 kilometers). You'll experience some of the best views of the lake in this section should you take the lower trail. If there's not much wind the water will create beautiful reflections of the mountains.

The last bit of this second section features a steady but manageable incline for roughly a few hundred meters.

The third and last section is the hardest because of how open it is. On a hot summer day this section can drain your energy very quickly, so make sure to stay hydrated. This section doesn't have much shelter because there was a rock slide there a long time ago. While it makes for a great views the hard rock can be tough on your feet.

Once you begin to enter the trees again, the campground isn't far away.

Once you've arrived at the campground, walk around and pick your camp site (if you have an Alberta Parks Backcountry Permit, which can be purchased HERE).

If you're just there to explore the area, make sure to take in the amazing surroundings in the campground. Head back the way you came to return to your vehicle.

Below is a video of this hike from when I camped there by myself in May 2016:

Hopefully you've found Point CampgroundĀ hiking guide helpful, if you'd like to read more hiking guides click HERE

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