Hiking Guide for the Jumpingpound Summit in Kananaskis

Jumpingpound Elevation
crypt lake rating
Difficulty Moderate

The Jumpingpound Summit Hike

Sibbald Area of Kananaskis, Alberta

My friend Jesse and I ventured into the Sibbald area of Kananaskis for the first time, eager to the hike to the summit of Jumpingpound Mountain. Our second summit in 7 days, we traveled west along Highway 68 until turning South down the Powderface Trail road. After 15-20 kilometers down this gravel road we arrived at the trailhead which is not marked that well but was easily identified by the many other vehicles parked here along the road. Our trail begins with a gradual ascent through a dense forest, which to us was so beautiful we stopped a lot to admire.

We crossed some bridges over creeks along the way which made for great spots to take a break.

Around the halfway point to the top (2 or so kilometers in) the trail steepens a little bit and turns into some switchbacks. These are fairly short lived however as the incline reduces soon afterwards to an easier pace.

As you can see above, the trail has more of a gradual incline that makes it not too tough.

They will be some intersections of trails you'll come upon but everything is well marked and finding your way is very easy.  When you get to around the 3km mark you'll (finally) start to see the trees clearing and the views will start to get good.

Moose Mountain can be seen off in the distance once the trees start to thin out.

Once you begin the climb up to the summit don't worry. Both Jesse and I saw the top in distance and it definitely looks worse than it is in terms of getting up there. The trail isn't super steep leading up to the summit, and the rush you'll feel knowing you're almost there will really power you forward like it did for us.

I kept looking behind me as we hiked up to the top because of these amazing views.

The last push is always the toughest! My friend Jesse makes his way up the last little section to the summit.

We were close to the top on this hike when my friend Jesse decided to meander a little bit and took a detour to a rock overlook to get a good view of the valley.

Once the short detour was done, we hiked the short distance up to the summit for some amazing views!

I've got to say, there's no feeling like reaching the top of a mountain, no matter how challenging it was. Getting incredible 360 degree views from the summit really gives you perspective on just how high up you are, and how far you came. We felt pretty good doing the hike up as well, with it only taking us around an hour and forty five minutes to make it up.


Jesse admires the expansive views of Kananaskis from the top.

Our time would eventually come to an end at the summit, but we did hang out up there for a good hour before we started to make our descent. Our goal was to make it down in under an hour.

We head back the same way we came to get back to the parked vehicle at the trailhead.

We manged to make it back to the trailhead in fifty five minutes, beating our goal of an hour. I really enjoyed this hike because the climb up isn't super hard and is a gradual incline for pretty much the whole way. Hopefully you've enjoyed reading about my experience on this trail, video will be coming in the next few weeks of the adventure!

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