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Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park Video

Today I travel out to the Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park with my friend Jesse to do the Tiger Lily Loop hike! From the parking lot we start the short 1.8km trail. Along the way we see some old abandoned automobiles off the side of the trail. One thing I notice as we descend initially is that there are so many birds in this park, all making their presence known with chirping. Eventually we get a pond where we relax for a bit before heading back uphill to the viewpoint. Personally I really enjoyed Glenbow Ranch for a number of reasons. The first is that on the day we went there wasn't a whole lot of other people, making it a peaceful time. The second, is that it's a different landscape then I'm used, with most of my trips being into the mountains. It's unique in the same way Dinosaur Provincial Park is, in that they're both different slices of Alberta. Lastly, I liked that it was close to home, but yet had a remote feeling to it. With the variety of trails here, I can definitely see myself coming back to do more!

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