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Ghost Public Land Use Zone Camping Video

In today's new video, I go camping in the Ghost Public Land Use Zone with my girlfriend! We camp near the entrance of the PLUZ on the Trans Alta Road section. While there we cook up good food like chicken and macaroni and cheese. I also go to the spot where my friend Jesse and I first explored in the Ghost PLUZ when we first visited the area a few years ago. It was cool to see that fire pit from then is still there to this day. Personally I really enjoy coming out to this area because it is a more raw version of nature, which is because there's no bathrooms or services in the area. This deters some people from venturing out to it, so because of that it's less busy.

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2 thoughts on “Ghost Public Land Use Zone Camping Video”

  1. hey there, nice video, i know there are maps that are available but they’re super confusing. How do we get there? And website says fires can be in existing fire pits, how do we find those? Do these fill up pretty quick?

  2. Hey, thanks for watching! Here’s a link to the best place to find the maps of Ghost, on the page you should see a maps area and select the 2020 one. On that map, this spot is right at marker number 4, at the deep south part. To the east of it is the hamlet of Waiparous, which is easy to find with GPS. There’s a lot of rocks and stuff around people have put together into fire pits over the years just off the roads and even off trails, they just don’t encourage people making new ones. Weekends might be tough to get a spot but I never have had a problem during the week! Hope this info helped and let me know if you have more questions!

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