Provincial Parks / South Eastern Alberta

Dinosaur Provincial Park 2018 Video

In this week's new video, I travel out to Dinosaur Provincial Park, located in south eastern Alberta near Brooks and Medicine Hat. While there my girlfriend and I gaze out at the park from the overlook at the park's entrance, which gives amazing views of the badlands and the Red Deer River. This spot really allows you to appreciate the stunning beauty of the badlands from up high. It just so happened that while we were approaching the overlook in my car the theme song from the Jurassic Park movies played on my phone, making for an epic introduction the park. From there we head into the park and do the scenic 3 kilometer drive which has some exhibits set up along it of dinosaur fossils. The fossils are still in the ground, which gives a great look at how the fossils are found. One of the fossils is a hadrosaur, which was cool to see in the ground as it was originally found instead of on display in a museum. This gave us both a deeper appreciation for how these fossils are extracted.

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