Calgary Area

Confederation Park in Calgary 2015 Video

I go to Confederation Park in Calgary and spend the day basking in the beauty of the park. Located off 10th Street NW, this park is only 5 minutes from my house so the trip over there isn't hard at all. Once there, I check out the part of the park east of 10th street, walking around and seeing a small waterfall. After that I go under a tunnel to the side west of 10th street. There the grass is super green, and there are tons of families and people having a good time in the park. I walk along the creek shoreline until I get to a bridge, where I decided to go down close to the creek and underneath the bridge. It was incredibly cool being down there, as it felt private in a crowded day in the park. I climb out and resume walking on the paved path towards a set of benches that happen to be a hangout spot for ducks. I hang around there for a bit before wandering further down the path, admiring more of how lish the park seems to be.

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