Rocky Mountains

Cat Creek Falls Hike in Kananaskis Video

In this video I travel out to the Highwood section of Kananaskis to do the Cat Creek Falls hike! It's a relatively short trail, but still offers great views of the valley, a waterfall, and some interpretive signs that talk about the logging and coal mining history of the area. This hike is definitely up there for me as one of the hikes to take friends/family from out of town on, since it's a well rounded hike in terms of what they will see. It's also a family friendly hike too. It's made known shortly into the hike that this area is frequented by grizzly bears. That means you should make lots of noise when out here, such as yelling or clapping. I'd advise against bear bells, they don't make much sound to be honest. While I was on the trail I didn't see many other people, so as you'll see in the video I made lots of noise. The waterfall itself is beautiful, and tucked away in a little canyon. It could get busy here on weekends. I'd recommend doing this hike during the week or early on a weekend to avoid the crowds.

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