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Abraham Lake Random Camping Trip in 4K

I travel out to Abraham Lake to camp for a night. I'm random camping, which in this area is completely free to do and you can burn dead wood you find on the ground. I drove up through Banff National Park to get to the lake, which I found quite the scenic drive. Although there was a lot of smoke on the trip, during the first day it wasn't too bad. The next morning it came in quite thick though, which really affected my lungs. While there I cook up macaroni and cheese for food, and roast hot dogs later for supper! Additionally I went for a swim in the cold waters of the lake. It was a super hot day the water was refreshing.

I traveled from Calgary to the lake because there was no fire ban here at the time, and had a fun time camping at a perfect spot with the best views of the lake. What I really liked the most about camping here was the peace and quiet. It's far away from the crowds in Banff National Park. Since I went during the week there wasn't many other people in the area either. I really recommend checking Abraham Lake out if you haven't!

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2 thoughts on “Abraham Lake Random Camping Trip in 4K”

  1. Looks like you found a great spot! I am looking to camp at Abraham lake this August long weekend and was wondering if you could let me in on where exactly you camped at how far of a journey it was from your car.
    Looked gorgeous!

    1. Sorry I didn’t see this comment until now! Hope you had a great camping trip, I can’t remember exactly where this spot was, but we were coming from Saskatchewan Crossing, and there was a turnoff on the right just past the helicopter tours. It was super close to the car, only a stones throw basically.

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