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Waterton Lakes National Park Things for First Timers

I list off 5 things to experience in Waterton Lakes National Park if it’s your first time going to the park. These must-see places include: The Bear’s Hump hike, which is a steep climb that offers some of the best views in the park. Red Rock Canyon, which is a canyon with red coloured red due to the high iron in the rock. Cameron Falls, which is a large and impressive waterfall located in the town site. Exploring the town site itself can prove to be a neat adventure, make sure you eat at some of the local restaurants (my personal favorites are Pizza of Waterton and the Big Scoop. Last is Cameron Lake, a short drive from the town that offers incredible views and a chance to do the short hike to Akamina Lake. All in all there’s a lot of unique activities in Waterton that make it one of my favourite places to visit.

Nose that this video was made before the Kenow Wildfire affected the park, Cameron Lake and Bear’s Hump remain closed as of May 1 2019, but in the summer of 2019 the Red Rock Parkway is projected to reopen to vehicle traffic.

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