Rocky Mountains

1st Time Backcountry Camping at Point Video

My friend Jesse and I go backcountry camping at the campground called Point on the Upper Kananaskis Lake, and stay for 1 night. It's just under a 4 km hike to the campground. The hike to the campground is fairly easy, and stays relatively level most of the way. You basically just hike around the lake till you hit the campground. At one point you walk through an area that was affected by a large rock slide. The campground is very cool, with lots of decent spots available. I got a site overlooking the lake, and Jesse got the site next to mine. We brought too much food and ate a lot of it while there. The morning was very cold, and prompted us to have a large fire as soon as we both were awake. As seen in the video, we cooked some bacon over the fire. Around noon we packed up and headed back to the vehicle. It was a fun time camping and I can't wait to do it again!

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